We thank the following people and Second Life businesses from all over the world for their support in the STAND4LOVE campaign.




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BurningProphets and Jesse Belavidorico, MarionPhoebe Heart, JenJen Sommerfleck, Bronco Graves and Alexa Trefoil, Jadelyn McAuley, Envie, Trav Solar, Jae (Yuihime) and LovelyMiwako7399 Menna, Flora Raven, Delypop Cresci, Carmen Hoyes and  Crista Wellens, Douglas Caldwell, Miranda Sapphire, MinXiu Caldwell, XiuLan Caldwell and Bili Shane Caldwell, Nathalia Topaz, PrettyP Rexen, Tomais Ashdene and Bock McMillan, Tanner and Dee Ryder, Moz Loordes, GDit Jewelry, Stella Sangria and CH4NTAL Resident, James and Leannan Wolfgang, Spirit Eleonara, RIR Life Design, Skin Doctors, Caitlin Tobias, Lightnin and Vivian Eris, Mylie Foxclaw, Milla Crumb, Lorcan Boru and Tempest Rosca, CH4NTAL & Layka, Clive and Becca Dillingham, Natasha Stonesoul, Ava Jhamin, Chevia Johansson, Leonorah Beverly, Katink, Autumn Darkrose, Chandi, Toya Bailey, Shelby Windsor, Ronin Undercroft, Mel and Auttie Tyree, Sansanah, Amanda Magick, Hugh Person, Rolu Poses, Relitha Byron & Iorick Mistwood, Vivi and Lord Bane, Angel and Kiti, Dr Angel, Dr Valley, Dr Huntress and Dante, Becca and Clive, Nilia Lamilton, BadEddy and Savvy Porterfield, VioletCrush Bravin, Mari, ANNABELL BARZANE, Arienna, Eve, Barcelona Heart, Kiddo Oh, Astralia, Giuls Scarpulla, Shanty Bookmite, Lucia, Betty Draesia, Ric Applewhyte and Family, KITTY O’TOOLE, JangSung Young, Lyrical Bizarre, Lua Vendetta, Vallanique and Jaymie, Paula Mills, DevilLynne & Marlenus, Shelly70, Koey Brown, Zahara, Sessie16 Resident, Dalis Juran, Mr Dai and Vivian Eris, Kodi Jay, Violated Dalli, Karl, Tessa Auguscik, Eva Cross, L’ Atelier Sad, Huntress and Angel, Chloe, Rajahn and Aaliyah Stipe, Astralia Resident, Ch4ntal, Delypop Cresicie, Barcelona Heart Studio, Steele Sirnah and Malicia, Rajahn Stipe and Aaliyah Stipe, ELChanel, Alicia Underby, L’Atelier Sad, Eva Cross, Serenity BM, BonieFacio Resident, Lolita Paragorn and Renato Arnica, Honey Bender, KRISTEN TANDIE, ANASTASYA COBERSTAR & FRIENDS, Stellie Hazelnut & Robbie Eel, VioletCrush Bravin, Caitlin Tobias, Giuls Scarpulla and Ellendir Khandr, Jaz IIex and Citizen K, Living Imagination, Giselle Chauveau, Prisilla S Avro, Caoimhe Lionheart, LILI BRISTOL, ANGELEYES39 RESIDENT, LAURENCE RAYMAKER & CAPRYCIA RESIDENT, Gladiola and Tuesdai Wylder, Kayden & Ray Robert, Tamara Artis, Beth Macbain, Jaily Bailey, WillowWho Flowers, Veronic Roddenham, Elbereth Exonar, Thorn Andel and Esme Capelo, AirShippirate, Laura Auggers, Taliah Darwin, Chiana Oh, Nina Carrasco, Burly Tigerpaw, Daryoon and Logan, Lorena Harbor, JK Style, Cherry Ravinelli, Ryuichi Braveheart, Style Kingdom Magazine, Kim Heart and MarionPhoebe Heart, Cherry Pop Gesture, Asvoria Reign and Veas Save, Skye Donardson, BORU Photography, BluePrint, Urban Studios, Chiana Oh,



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Proph and JesseSTAND4LOVE: MarionPhoebe HeartSTAND4LOVE: Bronco Graves and Alexa TrefoilSTAND4LOVE: JADELYN MCAULEYstand4lovenail14467685940_645611fc15_oSTAND4LOVE: TRAV SOLARNathalia TopazSTAND4LOVE: XIULAN QUAN & FAMILYSTAND4LOVE: Lightnin and Vivian ErisAva JhaminJenJen SommerfleckSTAND4LOVE: JAE AND MIWASTAND4LOVE: MOZ LOORDESsfl-brooch_blogSTAND4LOVE: STELLA SANGRIA AND CH4NTAL RESIDENTSTAND4LOVE: TANNER AND DEE RYDERundiesS4LJame Leanan WolfgangRir Life Designstand4love - Spirit EleonaraS4L-2014  Tomais Ashdene and Bock McMillanSTAND4LOVE: Caitlin TobiasMylie Foxclawand Milla Crumb14673278004_0061502978_oLorcan and TempestClive and BeccaCheviaAutumn DarkroseNatasha StonesoulLeonorah BeverlySTAND4LOVE: FLORA RAVENChandi14690255393_c48b5ceb3d_bSTAND4LOVE ShelbyWIndsor ResidentValley and DanteJun SeuongMel and Auttie stand for lovestand up for love SansanahSTAND4LOVE amandamagickHugh Personrolu pose coupleSTAND4LOVE: Vivi and Lord BaneAngel and KitiSTAND4LOVE:  Dr Angel, Dr Valley, Dr Huntress and DanteBecca and CliveSTAND4LOVE:  BadEddy and Savvy PorterfieldStand For Love - 2014 Violet2Stand-for-LoveMari stand for loveAriBEST 2STAND4LOVE: Barcelona HeartSTAND4LOVE: Nillia Lamiltonastraliastand4love2014kittySTAND4LOVE:  JangSungYoungoLyrical BizarreluaSTAND4LOVE: RIC APPLEWHITE FAMILYSTAND4LOVE: Paula MillsSTAND4LOVE:  Val and Jaymieshelly70koey brownDevilLynne and MelinusSTAND4LOVE: ANGELTessa AuguscikzaharaSTAND4LOVE:  Dalis JuranSTAND4LOVE: Mr. Dai and Vivian Eriss4llizsteelastraliaaaliyahSTAND4LOVE: Huntress and AngelSTAND4LOVE: Chloe and Vivi14535796520_efac84e000_oSTAND4LOVE: Eva Cross14533907679_5e2a09def8_o14538619719_2511bd9d6c_oAtelier Sad14720748135_a4cb0c7cf3_o14717408121_ba5b08d986_o14532924879_1532c2e5d2_o14544537710_ccfe24aa80_o10555180_277504502455767_1550330624_n10463861_730006257063690_4117331537689098918_n14732658891_df05111715_o14577027147_b0176b2f1f_o14760601035_a603ae1d9b_o14726451351_37ebd08139_o14743253404_a2379c0515_o(1)14546387559_53e2cdd065_o14790691293_a93dbe7c05_o10584096_698975630170508_6450394380037720174_nSTAND4LOVE: JAILY BAILEY14588913280_98e862b739_os4l gift14669787711_2c261e09b3_o(1)Stand4 2014 sl by Elbereth14563512190_645d018b1a_b14741375591_e06d1803a2_o14806939293_995da7b473_o14745811712_0108ec495f_o(1)Stand4LoveSTAND4LOVE: TALIAH DARWIN1920262_700720166662721_6880981421662012402_n10556301_700720143329390_7852479570683713411_n14778640244_0e44828262_o14772276435_e2261bbef9_oSTANDLOVE: BURLY TIGERPAWSTAND4LOVE: Ryuichi BraveheartSTAND4LOVE: CHERRY RAVINELLIjk style red14800122863_e0e36217c7_ostand4love-gifts_Blueprint_. Stand 4 Love Cake Decor AdvStand4Love_SkyeDonardsonmarionstand21,