Hazy Stands for love, Do you?? I feel this event is a really cool event to get involved with. Over the last two years it has grown considerably and the entries are fantastic. If you havent been to see the Stand for love web page,  you must go and look. The messages are soo powerful, its amazing to see how so many feel so strongly about eqality in love.

if you love some one what ever there sex. same sex marrages are ok you know . I often wonder why so many staragight guys are cool if two girls want to be together  but cuss two guys wanting to be together Love is love  and thats all there really needs to be too it.

my mesage is Everything Is possible, your dreams, your ideas, your vision, never let anyone tell you” you can’t”

so Do you stand for Love??

And I had to do a second picture cause I was having so much fun with it Hope yopu like them:)

big loves Hazy xxx