We stand for love because only the bearer of the heart should decide on whom he will let possess it; Not his neighbors who cannot see beyond what their eyes condemn for preservation of their virtue.

Logan & Daryoon

Why do we Stand for Love?

Because worldwide peace can be achieved when people learn to respect the differences, instead of imposing them. When people learn that ‘Agree to Disagree’ is just fine.

It is true that the human being feels the need to share. Good or bad. If your Facebook is not enough proof, imagine that best friend going to shop with you, in a perfumes shop. They will show you the ones they absolutely love, and also the ones they absolutely hate. It is how it is.

And sometimes, people can be very forceful in their sharing. They find their lifestyle or church so good, that they aren´t happy only sharing. They will impose it on you, and condemn you if you choose something else. And this condemnation can come from badmouthing you to your friends, to gather a gang to kill you and ‘do a favor to the world’ by sparing the planet from your ‘twisted and depraved’ self.

But who are these people, to decide on your life? Who do they think they are?

And how would you feel if a stranger someday knocked at your door, and declared that you cannot reside where you do, cannot decide what you will eat, drink, what type of bed you will sleep on and at what time, if you can or cannot do this and that…? The list grows on.

We bet you would not like it, right? Who is this stranger person to dictate how you will live your life?

It´s the same thing. When you love someone, you are not harming anyone. You aren´t killing, robbing, destroying. You are loving, and loving was never a crime. And when we all die, our bodies goes to the same hole, seven feet down. Whether we follow the same religion, have the same skin type, regardless of gender, nationality. Life does not choose, Death does not choose, neither does Love.

We want the freedom to love whoever we love, without having to give explanations or be banned from places because of our choices.

We want respect, because our choices do not affect us badly in any way – a happy person works better, produces more, buys more, pays more taxes, and hurt others far less, if at all.

We want our right to have a life with privacy, without random strangers that don´t pay our bills and whom we don´t owe anything, dictating what we can or cannot do, with our private life.

And that´s why I stand for love.

For me – the player behind Daryoon – Love was a redemption. A new chance to right wrong-doings, a new chance to live. Not to merely exist, but to live. With the freedom to give my heart to whom I see fit.

And its yours, Logan. All of me, in any lives and worlds that you want me.

“I will always walk with you.”

Thanks for reading it :D