STAND4LOVE: Aga & Kathrin Dassin Carter (Wes & Erica Lattin)


Aga & Kathrin Dassin Carter (Wes & Erica Lattin)

“At one time in history, Our relationship was illegal.”


An Inspiring Message from Aga & Kat at their blog:

There are very few messages that I can get behind without much thought. There are even fewer still that I will actually do a picture for. The Stand 4 Love campaign is one of them.

Last year the Stand 4 Love campaign began, with a simple thought from two beautiful individuals, RicoRacer Flux-Clarity and Editorial Clarity-Flux.  Two men who are so deeply in love that they have met in real life several times.

I love this message so much, that last year I stood up and I showed the world that I Stand 4 Love. My message last year, was simply to remind people that when we take away that which makes us male and female all that is left is the mind. That is were love begins….

The message last year was very simple and very heart felt, as that is the thought that made me realize I am Bi. This year I have participated again, but this year with a deeper message.  As one of my posts indicates I am black…. my husband however is white…. One time, in History our relationship was illegal. This more than ever, gives me an even larger reason to Stand 4 Love.  If someone in 1967 hadn’t stood up to the majority for the sake of Love I would not have been able to be with the man who not only gave me a beautiful baby girl, but has also shown me what it is like to truly be loved, and to be able to truly love another human being.

My name is Kathrin Dassin-Carter, and together with my Husband Agamimnon Carter, we both Stand4Love.