STAND4LOVE: Hundreds have joined…HAVE YOU? <3



Hundreds have joined…HAVE YOU? ❤

STAND4LOVE 2013 SUPPORTERS WALL as of June 8 2013, 11amSLT. And it keeps growing! See anyone you know?

Since we launched the STAND4LOVE 2013 campaign about two weeks ago, about 400 people in Second Life from all over the world have made a choice to spread LOVE, not HATE. We all believe that Love and Marriage should be available to two adult loving couples regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation. We are very grateful and honored for everyone’s support. Our hope is that it will spread awareness that one is not alone and anything is possible. LOVE should be celebrated, not a basis for hate and discrimination. Will you join us?


❤ It is Time. Open you HEARTS. Open your MINDS. ❤