We are honored and proud to have MANIERA MAGAZINE as a sponsor again for STAND4LOVE this year.

A million THANK YOUs to Topaz Joubert and all the MANIERA MAGAZINE staff/crew for the support.

Please click on link above for info about MANIERA MAGAZINE.


Your World, Your Imagination, Our Story.

Maniera LLC is a cutting-edge digital publishing company born of a virtual world. In 2008, MANIERASL Magazine launched in a virtual platform known as Second Life®, owned and operated by Linden Lab. In 2011, Maniera LLC became an official company and announced the launch of its publication MANIERA Magazine in 2012.  Using its digital origins and 30,000+ strong digital following to reach out past its virtual world origins, its internationally-based staff scour the globe for stories that captures imaginations in all worlds, both physical and virtual.

Since our launch in September 2012, MANIERA has steadily been growing its readership, its popularity snowballing across the Internet. MANIERA is proud to work with art museums, artists, fashion designers, technology companies, travel companies and many other industries across the globe. In July 2012, Maniera LLC. launched its content preview for MANIERA Magazine. With its full launch in September 2012, MANIERA Magazine is a monthly publication dedicated to people around the world with articles on art, fashion, design, technology and the human condition.