STAND4LOVE: Open your HEART. Open your MIND. It is TIME.



Open your HEART. Open your MIND. It is TIME.

The STAND4LOVE campaign is back this year to raise awareness and action for Marriage Equality for EVERYONE around the world, regardless of Gender, Race or Sexual Orientation between two loving adults.

The campaign runs from JUNE 1st to JUNE 30th but we had to launched it early due to people already submitting pictures and making items for support. The response has been amazing. In just a week, several hundreds already from all over the world in Second Life sent their pictures for support. It is really uplifting and so fantastic to see the amount of support for Marriage Equality. We are moved with the pictures and messages.

We thank you, and we hope this years campaign grows for the entire month of fact, we know it will! Because you are all awesome ❤

Thank you!

COME JOIN US. Let us SPREAD LOVE, not hate. And to all those who hate, let’s give them LOVE.