We are very honored to welcome DEMENTED DJ’S as a sponsor and we thank Debi Palmira for her support.

Message from DEMENTED DJ’S Site:

Demented DJs has decided to get involved in “causes” or “campaigns” as it were to support or raise awareness for things we stand for and believe in. And what better way than to start with the Stand 4 Love Campaign.

This is something that we can all agree on..EVERYONE has a right to be with the one they love..sexual orientation, race, religion (or non religion) and therefore also have the right to the same entitlements as any married couple.

DJs meet people from all walks of life, who all have one thing in and DJs also come from all different walks of life, including from within Demented DJs so it stands to reason, that it would be this campaign that we would get involved in and fully support.

Even though this campaign is based in Second Life, it is something we should all get involved in, regardless of the virtual world we play in or the real world.

So please, if you would like to support this campaign please do so by joining the Facebook group or their blog.

Facebook Link
Blog Page

And join us…as we Stand 4 Love :)

Debi Palmira – Demented DJs Founder


ABOUT Demented DJ’s:

Demented DJ’s is a Secondlife promotions and management group that started up in 2009 after it was suggested to Debi that she move into a management role in the Secondlife music industry.

Since then Debi has added many more DJ’s to the group from across the globe and spanning several different genres to create a musically diverse group that can accommodate many different types of parties at a multitude of venues in the grid.

In recent years many of the DJ’s in the Demented group have provided downloadable sessions on a weekly basis for those that have been unable to get into the grid to attend the live sets which are available under no obligation.

Some members of the group have also been getting aired on radio stations around the world, helping to establish a bigger listening base for the Demented group as a whole.

The Demented DJ’s are not just limited to providing good music though, many members also provide helpful hints, tips and tuition for all those up and coming DJ’s that have just started to learn the trade, including the use of different software and hardware along with various mixing tricks.

All this has made the Demented DJ’s team a successful one-stop area for useful information which goes in hand with the high level of professionalism that is constantly displayed by the team.