STAND4LOVE: Caiti SerraBella and Aierwon SerraBella

STAND4LOVE Caiti SerraBella and Aierwon SerraBellaSTAND4LOVE: Caiti SerraBella and Aierwon SerraBella

‘We STAND4LOVE because it is right.”

Stand4Love is here again, and my hubby and I are happy to participate.
He is a straight ally, who is very supportive of people of all genders being in love and spending their lives together. I am a pansexual woman, in love with him, and very thankful to have such an open-minded partner in my life.

We are blessed to have found our love in SL, even more blessed to belong to each other in RL, and we want our friends and family to be free to live their lives in love with each other just like we can.