A friend asked me yesterday if I am doing “STAND4LOVE” campaign again this year in support of Gay Marriage Equality. To be honest, I am not really sure because the campaign was totally exhausting though very amazing and rewarding. Editorial Clarity and I would start very early in the morning when we wake up and work all through the late hours of the night sorting and posting pictures among many things. I have to say though that it is really amazing to meet many wonderful people and hear their extraordinary stories. We apologized though for not being able to produce a book but we decided that we can’t just pick and publish a few entries in a book. Either we publish almost all 1,000 entries or none at all…and it was just impossible to do. 😦 We are really grateful and honored to everyone who participated.

If we are gonna run the campaign again this year, I know Edi and I would need a lot of help and it will be something simple…just a picture submission with their stories on a blog. I am happy to see though that many countries around the world are finally legalizing Gay Marriage with France being the lastest.

What do you guys think? Should we do STAND4LOVE again and would you help?