STAND4LOVE: Cheri Kira/Cheri Lewthwaite

STAND4LOVE: Cheri Kira/Cheri Lewthwaite

This is my rl picture, my RL name is Cheri Lewthwaite and my SL name is Cheri Kira. My RL mum, many RL friends, many SL friends and family are gay. I’m not proud or ashamed of them any more than I would be of my straight friends and family. To me all abilities, races, genders and love status are equal. If you are not harming another you’re ok in my book and I love you and will stand by you.

My RL Mum is gay and I’m very proud of her for being who she is and not conforming to society’s needs in fear. I would be honored to do this. Basically, where you find love it is sacred. Without love there can be no happiness.