STAND4LOVE: Burly Tigerpaw & Da5id Neiro

STAND4LOVE: Burly Tigerpaw & Da5id Neiro

My buddy Da5id Neiro has no idea I am doing this. We were just clowning around on the set of the Pulse TV S4L shoot. But because he loves me, he will not kick my ass…..right Sid?

When I see my son and daughter and their friends, I am happy to see that the boys and girls alike, in their 20’s, have no trouble showing each other signs of love. Hugs are a regular thing, between boys, girls and any combination thereof…even group hugs are prevalent. When I was a teen, or in my 20’s or 30’s even, men just didn’t hug men. Hand shakes were the only sign of friendship. So we’re making progress I think. Judge NOT and ye shall not be judged. Accept people for whom they are.