STAND4LOVE: Sookie Corbeau

STAND4LOVE: Sookie Corbeau

I Stand4Love with pride!!!

A standing ovation for those that suffer and who are victims of discrimination and persecution for their beliefs, races, creeds and sexual orientations.

Love is a fire that burns without being seen;
It wound that hurts and does not feel;
It is an unhappy contentment;
It hurts without pain.

It is one not to want more than good will;
It is a solitary walk among us;
It is never content themselves with joy;
It is a look that is gained in losing.

You will want to be arrested for
Serve who wins is the winner,
It kills us to have someone loyalty.

But how can cause your favor
In human hearts friendship;
If so contrary to itself is the same love?

Luis de Camoes

Just LOVE! Together we will be sufficient.

From Portugal, with love,
Sookie Corbeau