Stand4Love: Case Euler and Merrick Genesis

Stand4Love: Case Euler and Merrick Genesis

Case and I have been together for nearly two years now and we joke that we had the longest gay courtship in SL. Our love is strong, deep, and special. We believe that love should be honored equally, regardless of orientation.

You may have seen these photos on Facebook or Flickr. STAND4LOVE is an awareness campaign created by RicoRacer Flux and Editorial Clarity (you may remember their photo by Enzo Champagne in Case’s Champagne story in our June issue) in support of marriage equality. The LGBTQ community has made great progress but there’s so much more ground to gain before we can say we have the equality we deserve as humans. The Stand4Love campaign is pushing us further down the road by presenting images and messages of love from all walks of life, showing the world in one huge blog full of visual and literary commentary that love is love, regardless of sexual orientation.