STAND4LOVE: Lapinbleu8444 Despres & Patt Yates

STAND4LOVE: Lapinbleu8444 Despres & Patt Yates

Love Is …
Author: Incubus

It’s having someone to be with
Someone you can’t be without
It’s wanting to hold them every second
That’s what its all about.

It’s the happiness you feel
When everythings gone wrong
It’s the way you sit there
And think of crazy love songs.

It’s the sadness in your heart
When you know their not there
It’s the safeness you have
When you are feeling scared.

It’s the hope you have
When everythings gone
It’s the dreams you hold
When your alone.

It’s having someone to talk to
When noone else is listening
It’s being so in love
That nothing in your life is missing.

It’s knowing I love you
And I’ll love you forever
It’s thinking of you every second
Thats what true love is!

*Merci Lap a nouveau pour me laisser bidouiller une de tes tofs pour cette cause.
Mr Lapinbleu8444 Despres & Patt Yates

*Pose by Mr8444