STAND4LOVE: Natasha Angelfire Resident

STAND4LOVE: Natasha Angelfire Resident

Like many people, I am joining this campaign because I have friends in SL and RL who wish to marry and are unable because the government dictates that they cannot marry a person of the same sex.  I am standing with those who are working to change this intolerable situation.

The inability to marry isn’t just about a commitment on a piece of paper.  It is a right that is being denied, and it effects so many aspects of a person’s life.  For example, someone was actually turned away from seeing her partner in the hospital because only immediate family members were allowed to visit.  Had they been married to the patient, there wouldn’t have been a question.  That is just one example of how the right to marry effects a person’s life.  How can we sit and allow injustices like this to happen?

Well, I am not going to sit….I am going to STAND 4 LOVE.  I invite you to search your heart, and to do the same.

Hugs to you!